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       FREE Consultation: - All individuals suffering from hair loss, baldness, psoriasis or itchy problematic scalp conditions require a full trichological consultation and examination with our institute registered trichologist.


      Low Level Laser Therapy: - This program uses stimulation therapy to activate your body’s mechanisms designed to create a healthier and cleaner environment for your hair and scalp. This permits a more effective application of our natural organic hair care products, greatly increasing the potential for maturation of hair.

      Scalp Detoxification: - This is the use of our completely safe, naturally formulated growth stimulating hair care products to create a healthier and cleaner environment for your hair and scalp. This permits a more effective application of our natural organic hair care products, greatly increasing the potential for maturation of hair.

       Lifestyle and Wellness Products: - We do not only deliver hair loss restoration; we also create health and wellness products formulated for individuals who want healthy hair and a healthier lifestyle.  


Complimentary Consultation with Client to determine if any treatment is necessary.

Duration 1/2 hour
Price Free
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Comprehensive Scalp Analyses

Comprehensive Scalp Analysis. This evaluation will help identify any causes of hair loss or hair health. Fee will be applied to any services.

Duration 1/2 hour
Price $ 65.00
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Signature Crochet Hair Style

We offer a Signature Crochet "For Hair Growth" Hair Style comes with Nzuri Hair Growth Spritzer Product. Client Provides Hair

Duration 3 hour
Price $ 125.00
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Signature Crochet Hair Included

This service is for the Solution's Signature Crochet Style With Hair Included in price. Just show up with clean and conditioned hair. Hair Growth Spritzer Included.

Duration 3 hour
Price $ 175.00
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Solutions Hair Restoration

Through years of extensive training, research and thousands of satisfied clients later, we have created a multi-therapeutic approach to helping people who suffer from hair loss or slow hair growth problems. At solutions hair restoration and wellness centers, our only goal is to ensure that our patients leave with a complete solution not a quick fix. ​ When we opened the doors to this business in 2010, There was only one name we could have called this clinic and that is Solutions Hair Restoration AND Wellness Center because we offer SOLUTIONS and not a one-size fits all solution. We understand that you are a unique individual with unique needs and we take everything about you seriously. You will come to a very private and unique experience at Solutions. We are centrally located inside of the Nzuri Hair Vitamin Store. Book your free consultation today!

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Solutions Hair Restoration & Wellness Center LLC

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1/2 hr
1/2 hr
$ 65.00
3 hrs
$ 125.00
3 hrs
$ 175.00

Success Stories

I started having trouble with my hair and scalp due to a health issue. When I first noticed, I tried online products but nothing worked. So when I searched for help with someone who would use natural, healthy ways to nurse your hair back to health, that's when I found Solutions. I was afraid at first that they may not be able to help me but I had to try. I set up a consultation and we went over the problem and what would be the best treatment plan. After that, I started my treatment with her and her wonderful team. It wasn't long after I had started my treatment that I started to see some results. You don't see all the results you want right away so if you go through a treatment plan there, do not be upset or afraid. It takes time and perseverance. Now I am almost finished with my full treatment and I am happy to report that not only is my hair and scalp much healthier but I have also found some helpful and natural supplements at this shop that I will be taking on a regular basis to improve my overall health. If you are having problems with your hair & scalp, go to solutions hair restorations and wellness center they'll help you find the Solutions. - APRIL RICE

"I walked in to handle something else and received the greatest gift of all. She showed me my scalp and I couldn't believe what I saw....I am a "scalp slapper" and now I know why. Just talking to her and getting educated on my hair and scalp in this very small amount of time was a life changing experience. I will definitely be starting this process. I'm not the type of person to invest in something just with someone telling me something, seeing is believing and having that microscope on my scalp was eye opening. I have seen what I've done to my hair and scalp and now it's time to do something. To all of my fellow "scalp slappers", come get a microscopic scalp analysis and see for yourself..... RIKISHA Mcpherson

"Losing my hair affected my confidence which then made me worrisome and i decided to do something about it. Its amazing when you get to view your scalp under a microscope. After undergoing scalp treatment and series of laser treatment I am beginning to see signs of improvement. With the aid of some of the natural hair growing products i also pick up at the store it can only get better" - DANNY ALBION

"I loved it! I came in for a consultation, received the Royal treatment, and left with a feeling of hope and excitement! I've suffered from hair loss for a few years and never knew the cause. I've spent hundreds on expensive hair products and wigs, but nothing helped." - nicia jones

"OMG this place is amazing!!! I love the hair and foot detox. This had to been the best spa treatment by thus far .Everyone was friendly and nice to me,great team service and the amazing thing it was my first time and I felt very welcome. I just become I new loyal customer from having a outstanding first experience - javonte white

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Solutions Hair Restoration & Wellness Center LLC